Training / Management Trainings / Strategic Management

Top-level managers (general manager and assistants), mid-level managers
The aim of this seminar is to inform managers about key elements of strategy formulation process and correlation between those elements in a practical way and to establish the vision of strategic management (and to improve their vision)

  • Key Elements of Strategic Management Process
  • Strategic Planning
  • Strategic Managers
  • Strategic Leadership
Strategic Plannning,Desired Results of Official Strategic Planning and Factors that Cause not to be able to Produce will be discussed in this practise.

      Key Elements of Strategic Planning
  • Assignment (Mission,Vision)
  • External Environment Analysis
  • Analysis of Competitors
  • Strong,normal,weak spots of organisation
  • Determining  Long Term Strategy 
  • Effects of Organisation Culture on Strategy
  • Implementation of the Strategy - Organisation Structure
  • Short Term Tactics
DURATION: 2 days

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