Company Profile
Aztek Research started operating in 2008 with a team of experts with 20 years of both practical and academic experience in their fields.

Our purpose is to achieve the best by sharing knowledge at right time with right people.

Our development of all kinds of technical and academic infrastructures that are built upon a solid foundation is an indication of our objectivity and growth goals.

Three main topics we work on : Training,  Research and Consulting. 

Our Main Services and Practice Methods 

  • Face-to-face (random sampling)
  • CATI ( terminal count:25)
  • Face-to-face (quota sampling)
  • CAPI (terminal sayısı: 50)
  • Face-to-face (with addresses)
  • Shadow Customer
  • Group Discussions
  • B2B Meetings  
  • In-depth Interviews
  • Internet 

Research Areas

  • Ad/Packaging Tests
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • B2B
  • Child Research 
  • Consumer Goods Retail
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Media Studies
  • Personnel Surveys
  • Product Tests
  • Tracking/ Brand Image
  • Retail Surveys
  • Financial/Corporate Image 
  • Food/Beverage
  • Industrial Research
  • International Research
  • Internet
  • Marketing Model Studies 
  • Segmentation/ Typology
  • Health/Medicine Research
  • Pricing/Promotion Research
  • Social/ Public Opinion Research
  • Travel/Tourism Research
  • Consumer Survey

Our Field Areas : Istanbul as our center,we serve all over the world with our partners in overseas and cities on contract.

Cati Services

Aztek Research CATI department serves with 25 station installed on 1 terminal sip server and 1 central server.Thanks to our system on Windows server 2008, all our 25 stations are in centralized operetaion.We use the latest technology with our simultaneous listening system. Aztek Research aims to achieve maximum service quality with its trained CATI operators and experienced supervisors and can provide recordings of all conversations and can create serious recources and advantages for its customers in techniqally safe project applications.

For our project offers: